Café: 619.683.9322 | Wholesale 619.688.1788

Café Address:

350 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
(Hillcrest, between 3rd & 4th Avenue)

Tel: 619.683.9322
Fax: 619.688.1758

Café Hours:

Monday thru Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday 7:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday 7:30am – 6:00pm

1 hour free Parking in rear

Click for Holiday hours

Bakery Wholesale Order Line:

Wholesale Tel: 619.688.1788
Wholesale Fax: 619.688.1758
Wholesale Email:


We strive to have the best café and make the highest quality bread and pastries in the world. And have fun doing it. We’ve been around for 24 years. So far so good.

And we owe it all to our employees. Really.

So, amongst other things, here’s what we offer our Tribe:

  • Well above industry standard pay
  • Paid vacation
  • Health and dental insurance (generous matching and in some cases, free)
  • Prizes for throwing little things high into the air and catching them in your mouth
  • Employee food discounts
  • Free bread per shift
  • 401(k)
  • Other employee incentives and benefits specific to your job

making whipped creamHere are the kind of things you could do if you worked with us.

Bread & Cie Bakery is both 1) A retail café and 2) A wholesale production facility where we make bread and pastries for restaurants, market, hotels, etc.

So you gotta choose what fits you the best:

1) Being on stage at the café or
2) being behind the scenes and making it all happen at wholesale
3) and also food preparation at the bistro café.

SO….here’s an incomplete total job menu. Incomplete, but this may give you an idea the kind of things you might be able to do:

Bake bread; bake pastries; deliver bread & pastries in a van; Do office admin work and speak to chefs and make sales visits and take their orders every day: Front counter retail bakery sales help… which reminds me: A duck walks into a bakery. Says “Hey, doc, you got any broccoli ?” Clerk says “No, this is a bakery, we don’t sell broccoli .”

Duck leaves and returns the next day. “Hey, doc, you got any broccoli?”

Clerk says “No, this is a bakery, we don’t sell broccoli.” Duck leaves yet again and returns the next day.

“Hey, doc, you got any broccoli?”

Now the clerk is pissed off now and yells at the duck: “No, this is a bakery, we don’t sell broccoli! If you ask again one more time, I’m going to nail your beak shut!”

Next day, duck comes back: “Hey, doc, you got any nails?”

“No!!” says the clerk. “Oh, well…. in that case, you got any broccoli?”

…Anyway, people also clean; make sandwiches, supervise other people; pack bread and pastries in the middle of the night, and more.

Available Positions

How to Apply

Contact us if you want a job. Even if we don’t have an opening, we’d like to keep your info and contact you when we do.

If interested in a position, please:

  1. View the available positions above.
  2. Download and fill out an application.
  3. Prepare your resume as a PDF or Word doc.
  4. Attach both files to an email addressed to
  5. Tell us the position of interest in the email subject.

Questions? Call 619-688-1788 and please ask for our HR person.

Due to COVID-19, no in-person applications will be accepted at this time, thank you.

Bakery Café: 
350 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

Wholesale Baking Facility:
4901 Pacific Hwy
San Diego, CA 92110


Serve food at our bistro café

cafe food preparation

Make food at our bistro café

baking cupcakes

Bake amazing breads and pastries

Bread and Cie wins award

Help run things in our office

bread delivery van

Deliver delicious products all over San Diego county

employee party

Attend employee-appreciation parties

Reasons to work at Bread & Cie.

  1. Can’t sleep anyway so might as well be doing something constructive in the middle of the night.
  2. To help make/serve something that nurtures and is good for people.
  3. To work in a place that smells great.
  4. To work in a family run, non-corporate environment.
  5. To learn skills I can use anywhere in the world and everywhere for the rest of my life.
  6. To be proud of what I am doing.
  7. To discover the secrets of artisan bread & pastry baking.
  8. To work with the best bakers in America.
  9. Be part of a fun, face-paced, never boring, hard-working bakery tribe.
  10. To be surrounded by quality people who really, really care.
  11. To use some French words (like ‘couch’ — the cloth that bread rises on) and know what they mean and not be  embarrassed.
  12. To make something real with my hands.

Reasons to run away screaming:

  1. Don’t want to work at a place with a weird name. What is a “Cie.” anyway?
  2. Thought we bake ‘doe’ ( as in Bambi), not dough.
  3. Just saw one of the horror films owner Charles directed.
  4. Can’t take the pressure of receiving a free loaf of bread and/or pastries every day.
  5. Decided to take the offer to become the head of NATO instead.
  6. Prefer to pay for my own vacation days off, thank you very much.
  7. Don’t want to collude with any European Russian Rye bread.
Charles Kaufman at farmers market
lunch at the cafe
For Disability Assistance Call